Location Located between latitudes 40° 56` N and 5° 06` E and longitudes 7° 37` E. It shares its boundary with Etim Ekpo Local Government Areas, Essien Udim Local Government Area and Abia State. It has a landmass of 113.600 square kilometres. Natural Resources Mineral resources include deposits of oil and gas and abundant ceramics. The area is rich in agro-allied produce such as timber, wood, palm tree and raffia palm. Commerce Trading, farming, arts and crafts. People Ika belongs to ... Read More


Ikono LGA

Location It is bounded on the North by Ini Local Government Area, South by Abak and Uyo Local Government Areas, East by Itu and West by Ikot Ekpene Local Government Area. It has a landmass of 407.16 square kilometers Natural Resources Abundant mineral deposits such as salt, gravel, clay, sand and oil. Commerce Farming, handicraft, trading and others. People It is regarded as the cradle of Ibibio nation Population Males Females TOTAL: 69,501 62,403 131,904 * Sour... Read More


Ikot Abasi LGA

Location It is located in the South West corner of Akwa Ibom State at latitude 40°-32° to 400 N and longitude 70°-25° to 70°-45°E. It is bounded by Oruk Anam Local Government Area in the North, Mkpat Enin and Eastern Obolo Local Government Areas in the West and the Atlantic Ocean in the South. The Imo River forms the natural boundary in the East separating it from Rivers State. Tourism The area is dotted with tourist attraction centres. Her beautiful beach front at Uta Ewa, the Berger J... Read More


Ikot Ekpeni LGA

Location Ikot Ekpene is located between latitudes 5° 10` and 5° 30` North and longitudes 7° 30` and 7° 45` East. It lies on the North-Western flank of Akwa Ibom State. Its position makes it one of the economic gateways to Akwa Ibom State. Ikot Ekpene is historic in local government administration in Nigeria, as it became a premier model local government administration in 1951. Today, Ikot Ekpene is the headquarters of Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District that has altogether 10 Local Government... Read More



Location Ini Local Government Area was carved out of the former Ikono Local Government Area and is bounded by Ikono, Obot Akara Local Government Areas of the State, and Abia State. It has a landmass of 320,451 square kilometers. Natural Resources Limestone, clay, gravel, fine sand, crude oil and iron ore. The forest region provides timber and firewood. Commerce Because of the land expanse of the area, the people are predominantly farmers, producing such food items as rice, palm produce, cas... Read More



Location The Local Government Area occupies a landmass of approximately 606.1 0 square kilometres. It is bounded in the North and North-East by Odukpani in Cross River State and Arochukwu in Abia State, in the West by Ibiono Ibom and Ikono Local Government Areas, in the South and SouthEast by Uyo and Uruan Local Government Areas, respectively. Tourism Tourist attraction that abound in Itu LGA include beaches, navigable water system, beautiful topography of the area, etc. Natural Resources ... Read More



Location South-Eastern part of Nigeria and bounded in the North axis by Urue Offong/Oruko Local Government Area, in the South axis by Atlantic Ocean and Cameroun, in the East by Udung Uko Local Government Area and in the West by Esit Eket and Ibeno Local Government Areas. Geography The area has a total landmass of 365 square kilometers Natural Resources Forest resources such as timber, vegetables and fruits. Mineral deposits, e.g. crude oil, fine sand, salt, gravel and clay. Commerce Thei... Read More


Mkpat Enin LGA

Location Mkpat Enin Local Government is bounded by Ikot Abasi, Eastern Obolo, Oruk Anam, Onna and Etinan Local Government Areas. It has a landmass of 322.352 square kilometres and is located within the industrial belt extending from Ibiono, Eket to Ikot Abasi. Tourism Tourist potentials abound in the area and are mainly private driven, e.g. hotels, gardens. Natural Resources Abundant mineral deposits, e.g. crude oil and gas. Oil was discovered in Ikot Akpa/Ekop , Mkpat Enin Local Gov... Read More


Nsit Atai LGA

Location South East of Akwa Ibom State, approximately 50 kilometres from Uyo. It is bound in the North by Uruan, in the East by Okobo, in the West by Ibesikpo Asutan Local Government Areas. Natural Resources Mineral resources include crude oil deposits, commercial quantity of salt and high quality clay. Agricultural resources include plantain oil palm and palm produce. Preponderance of hard wood, timber and wild life. Commerce Predominantly farmers and sundry traders. People Ibibio ... Read More


Nsit Ibom LGA

Location Nsit Ibom is located within central Akwa Ibom State and shares boundaries with Ibesikpo/Asutan, Etinan and Nsit Ubium Local Government Areas. Natural Resources The Local Government Area is blessed with abundant palm produce such as oil and kernel. Cassava, yam and cocoyam have a common place. The forest region produces timber for firewood and woodwork. Commerce Farming and trading have predominant presence, though one would also notice blacksmiths and craftmen. People The people ... Read More