Abak LGA

Location Abak Lies on the South West of Akwa Ibom State and bounded in the North by Ikono Local Government Area, North West by Essien Udim Government Area. West by Etlm Ekpo and Ukanafun Local Government Areas. South by Oruk Anam and in the East by Uyo Local Government Area.  Abak town, the local government headquarters is located about 18 kilometres from Uyo, the State capital. It has a landmass of 304 square kilometers. Abak is known for its importance in Agricultural Development. It has so ... Read More


Eastern Obolo LGA

Location It is located in the Niger Delta fringe between Imo and Qua Iboe Rivers estuaries and lies between latitudes 4° 28` and 4° 53` and longitudes 7° 50` and 7° 55` East. It is bounded in the North by Mkpat Enin Local Government Area, North East by Onna, West by Ikot Abasi, South East by Ibeno Local Government Areas and in the South by the Atlantic Ocean. Culture The cultural heritage is not restricted to the people. Rather the entire Niger Delta with unique traditional dressing syn... Read More


Eket LGA

Location Eket Local Government occupies the South Central portion of Akwa Ibom State territorial expanses spanning Northwards between Latitudes 4°33’ and 4°45’ and Eastwards between Longitudes 7°52’ and 5°02’. Eket is bounded on the North by Nsit Ubium Local Government Area, on the East by Esit Eket Local Government Area, on the West by Onna Local Government Area and on the South by Ibeno Local Government Area/Bight of Bonny. Eket is popularly known as “Idong Mfianwe.” This name... Read More


Esit Eket LGA

Location Situated by the Atlantic westline with boundaries with Ibeno, Eket and Nsit Atai Local Government Areas. History Esit Eket Local Government Area was created in 1989 by the Local Government (Basic Constitutional and Transitional Provision Decree No. 15 of 1989). Prior to this historic political exercise, the geographical area now called Esit Eket was part of Uquo Ibeno Local Government Area. Esit Eket Local Government Area is presently made up to two clans namely: Eket Offiong and Eke... Read More


Essien Udim LGA

Location Essien Udlm Is bounded In the North and West by Abia State, In the East by Ikot Ekpene, Obot Akara and Ikono Local Government Areas, In the South by Abak, Etlm Ekpo and Ika Local Government Areas. Essien Udim is one of the Annang speaking Local Government Areas in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. It was created out of the former Ikot Ekpene division and included the following clans in Annang land: Ukana, Adiasim, Ikpe, Odoro ikot, Akon, Nsasak, and Ekpenyong Atai. Historically, it was the mo... Read More


Etim Ekpo LGA

Natural Resources Large deposits of mineral resources such as clay, glass, sand and sharp sand. Agricultural resources include palm produce, cassava and yam. Commerce Trading, farming etc. Tourism Etim Ekpo is known for its arts craft products, the area forms one of the most peaceful locations in the West African State of Nigeria. private section driven hospitality, e.g. hotels, clubs and gardens.  People The people of Etim Ekpo Local Government Area are of the Annang stock. And the same... Read More


Etinan LGA

Location Etinan is located on latitude 05° 1`N and or 54`E in Central Akwa Ibom, 26km from Uyo, bounded with Nsit Ibom, Mkpat Enin, Onna, Uyo and Abak Local Government Areas.  Etinan is located within the south eastern part of Nigeria and constitutes one of the Local Government Areas in the oil rich Akwa Ibom State. Known for its agricultural and arts craft products, the area forms one of the most peaceful locations in the West African State of Nigeria. Tourism Etinan is known for its arts ... Read More


Ibeno LGA

Location Ibeno Local Government Area is located at the South end of Akwa Ibom State, occupying a vast coastal area of over 1,200 sq. km. It stretches from Okposo I at the eastern flank, bordering Mbo Local Government Area and Bakassi Pennisula to Atabrikang village on its Western flank. It is bounded in the South by the Atlantic Ocean and shares border with Eket, Esit Eket, Onna and Eastern Obolo local government areas. History Ibeno Local Government Area was created out of the defunct Uquo-I... Read More


Ibesikpo Asutan LGA

Location It occupies the western axis of Akwa Ibom State and lying between latitudes 40° 32` - 50° 33` East and longitudes 70° 25` - 80° 25" North. It is bounded in the North by Uruan Local Government Area, in the South by Etinan, South East by Nsit Ibom, in the North East by Nsit Atai and in the West by Uyo Local Government Area. Natural Resources Mineral deposits include crude oil, clay, limestone among others. Abundant forest and agricultural produce such as wood, palm trees and oil, r... Read More


Ibiono Ibom LGA

Location It is bounded by Cross River State, Itu, Ikono, Arochukwu (Abia State), Abak and Ini Local Government Areas. Natural Resources Mineral resources include deposits of various stones, clay, sand and crude oil. There are forest resources such as palm trees, rubber, timber and others. Commerce Predominantly farmers, traders and craftsmen. People The people of the area are of the majority Ibibio stock. They speak Ibibio -and Efik languages. Culture Their cultural heritage include ... Read More