Posted 20:02  23/09/2014

A Youth talent search at Amazing Grace on the 1st of october. Gate fee is free for audience members but contestants are to pick their forms at 26 Esuene street, off abak road before or on the 25th of September.

Round Table on Corporate Governance & Risk Management, Uyo

Posted 11:51  14/09/2014

Organizations are experiencing an increasing concern and focus on Corporate Governance Risk management. The challenge for management of both private and public organizations today is to determine how much uncertainty to accept as it strives towards achieving the organization’s objectives and delivering value to its stakeholders. The solution to this challenge is to establishment of an effective Corporate Governance structure & Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) system, that effectively identify,... Read More

Efficiency and Performance Improvement Workshop, Uyo

Posted 11:48  14/09/2014

Enhanced performance in an organization is contingent on a setting, use of appropriate techniques and technology, have a good mix of these efficiency factors to attain the desired. This workshop is, therefore, designed to equip participants their performance and that of their organizations.

Sales Territory Planning and Management, Uyo

Posted 11:44  14/09/2014

The target audience for Sales Territory Planning and Management training includes sales representatives, territory managers, retail trade managers

Escaping the Bureaucratic Trap and Delivering Results in Organisations, Uyo

Posted 11:41  14/09/2014

One of the major desire and requirement for result-oriented organizations, public or private, who are exploring new and innovative ways of delivering quality services consistently, is the dream of escaping the (often) overbearing bureau-cratic processes of the organizational structures created in the first instance to promote efficiency. The “iron cage” of bureaucracy had created a dilemma for organisations over the years in aligning their internal operations to achieve process efficiency an... Read More

Improving Your Personal Effectiveness, Uyo

Posted 11:36  14/09/2014

To empower your people you must create a common vision of what you want to achieve, and then show them how they can make that happen. Once people understand what their contribution is, they will feel much empowered. This programme is designed to improve the ability of line managers to manage their people successfully and boost productivity. Participants will develop advanced interpersonal skills and strategies to bring out the best in people through innovative techniques and strategies. Progra... Read More

Effective Communication and Interpersonal Relations Workshop, Uyo

Posted 11:29  14/09/2014

Many organizations are characterized by poor relationships and conflicts. In such organizations, people tend to work at cross-purposes. Undoubtedly, officers, their bosses’ and subordinates perform better when there is effective communication, interpersonal relations and harmony in the organization. Communication and interpersonal relations are potent tools for forging shared values, commitment and harmony in the organization. This workshop is designed to sharpen the skills of participants in ... Read More