‎In a world where the forbidden has become the norm, DARE TO BE DIFFERENT. In a town where people think that Feb. 14 is about getting drunk, engaging in sexual immorality, and frivolities, DARE TO BE DIFFERENT. In a place where morality has been thrown to the gutters and ethos cultivated over the years through proper upbringing totally disregarded, DARE TO BE DIFFERENT. 

Be bold to tell people that you don’t believe in what they believe in. Be bold to draw the line. Be bold to let them know that love is an accomplishment, a lifetime experience and not about a particular day. 

Yes! Valentine’s day is not about sexual intercourse, neither is it about finding a love partner. It’s about selflessness, sacrifice, giving back to society. Those are the values I see each time I read the story of St. Valentine. 

So, when next someone asks you how you will “mark” Valentine’s day, let him/her know that you have very important things to do and urge him/her to find something important to do also. For me, I will be joining the AKS PDP campaign train to Ika/Etim Ekpo. That’s my priority for that day. Reason? The heart knows where it belongs, true love is not a once in a year thing. So if you think that’s the day to test someone’s love for you, you may get it all wrong. Find a priority and get positively busy. 

May God give us the grace to be the light unto others in a dark world and be the standard in a morally bankrupt society, AMEN.

Comr. Ubon Marcus

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