Well Done Governor Akpabio

Gov. Godswill Akpabio surrounded by thousands of school student, during the first anniversary event of the Free Education - Copy

We designated you as the lamp of Annang (Utuenikang Annang) and Akwa Ibom state as a hold, you have come to fully confirmed that indeed you’re what we say you are, as you have finally planted permanent and incremental investment in Annang kingdom and Essien Udim LGA in particular by backing-up your educational effort in the state with a prodigious and influential pillar that will never be fragmented. You have laid down dividend of democracy that will forever serve the masses, even the unborn children in Akwa Ibom state and diaspora.

Your effort in fetching Federal institution of higher learning in Annang is a thing worthy of recommendation as this will attract both internal and external cognizance of the metropolis and the entire Akwa Ibom people.

This institute will no doubt fascinate high positive impact in socio-economic life of people in the local residents in term of development of human capital, real estate and so on. It is a sustainable development in deed since this institution will be capable of serving the present and future need of the people.

Your administration in the state has bring life to the dry bones and water in the desert as you has placed indelible joy in our mind even as your initial achievements were still on deliberation desk, you did not relent in making all Akwa Ibom indigenes proud of their state again. This shows that you’re a man that really know the need of the people and that make you a father of the people.

We congratulate your educational effort in the state, it is an evident that you have a better insight for the state now and in future. Nothing would have stop you from forfeiting this project but kindly allows it for your people to partake from it, you’re indeed a leader. Reign forever. Amen!

By Udeme David
Ikpe Ikot Eside
In Essien Udim LGA

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