Okobo LGA


Local Government Area is bounded by Uruan, Oron, Udung Uko and Nsit Atai Local Government Areas.

Natural Resources
Tropical forest with obeche, mahogany for supply of wood for boat and canoe construction. Good deposits of clay and fine sand.

The people are actively engaged In farming and fishing.

The people are part of the Oro Nation and have at present a population of 104,057 people using the 2006 national census figures as guide. The people use the popular dialect of Oro and Okobo though Ibibio language is commonly understood. A vibrant cultural heritage expressed in such traditional dances and masquerades as Ekpe, Ibom, Okponkpong, Afiakeyit, Nkuho, etc. Prominent recognition is given to Nkuho, a symbolic institution where maidens are confined for a certain period for induction and training for matrimonial responsibilities.


Males Females TOTAL:
55,435 48,622 104,057
* Source: 2006 National Census