Nigeria: 2015 – Another Implosion Looming in A’ibom PDP

Uyo — Before the advent of ultrasound scanning system which can detect the sex of a baby in the womb, pregnancies were kept sealed and babies revealed on deliveries. Technology however came to unveil such a mystery, and made the content of the womb open and known long before its actual appearance.

Before now also, keen followers of the political situation in Akwa Ibom State were of the view that a symbolic political ultrasound had unveiled the content of the 2015 gubernatorial race in the state, following attempts by some analysts to decode the body language and certain public utterances major factors in the state.

But events within the last couple of weeks have however taken political spectators aback as no human technology, even that invented by the key player, Governor Godswill Akpabio, can penetrate the heart of the 2015 general elections to unearth who would eventually become the next governor of Akwa Ibom State.

Interestingly though, many, even the native doctors among the gubernatorial aspirants have started recognizing the God factor, hence, singing Christian songs wherever they find themselves. This sudden repentance and ‘godly disposition’ among this class of politicians may have been informed by the seeming confusion over the intriguing dimension the governorship race is turning.

Feelers across the state have however pointed to Udom Emmanuel, former executive director of Zenith Bank Plc, who was appointed Secretary to the State Government last year, as the well-known and carefully adorned bride prepared by Governor Godswill Akpabio for her husbands (Akwa Ibom). Although this was not publicly declared by Governor Akpabio himself, his lieutenants, admirers, wife and everyone else around him held Udom on their shoulders. Spoke of him when they lie down, when they get up, when they walk on the way and when they were on the run.

No wonder then that when the Akwa Ibom Consolidated Alliance (ACA) was inaugurated as a political group, for Udom’s gubernatorial aspiration, major roads were not only closed, but prominent indigenes of the state, including key members of Akpabio’s political dynasty, to drum support for Udom. Clearly so was the support from Mrs. Akpabio who promised to mobilize her women to support Udom.

In public places, the gladiators made their declaration known to the people of Akwa Ibom State, even in churches.

No wonder then, Mrs. Akpabio at some point initiated a sensitisation campaign in churches to educate women on child theft and baby factories, a very prominent and regular news item that did not need to be emphasized. One interesting feature of these Sunday visits was time devoted to introduce and analyse Mrs. Udom to churches visited, with very dangerous ovations as though the visits were at her instance.

This glamour however began to dwindle at some point, as Mrs. Udom was not seen in the last church visit, donations to churches by Mrs. Akpabio were reduced from N1.5 million to N1 million and then to N300,000. The sensitisation visits drastically lost its steam.

A divided house

Not quite a departure of time from this, facebook pages and other social media began to be infiltrated with stories alleging insult on the Akpabios by Udom.

This was closely followed by a declaration of governorship aspiration by Mike Sabastine, Akpabio’s brother-in-law and the Vice Chairman of ACA, a political structure to facilitate Udom’s emergence, and whose posters, sponsored by the body can be seen all over the state.

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