Ikot Abasi LGA


It is located in the South West corner of Akwa Ibom State at latitude 40°-32° to 400 N and longitude 70°-25° to 70°-45°E. It is bounded by Oruk Anam Local Government Area in the North, Mkpat Enin and Eastern Obolo Local Government Areas in the West and the Atlantic Ocean in the South. The Imo River forms the natural boundary in the East separating it from Rivers State.

The area is dotted with tourist attraction centres. Her beautiful beach front at Uta Ewa, the Berger Jetty along Uta Ewa creek and the coastline create attractive tourist resorts.

Natural Resources
Has an abundant gas and oil deposits which have attracted many establishments to the area. The oil fields include Utapate (onshore). Adna (offshore) and Asabo (offshore).
Arable agricultural produce include cassava, yam, sweet yam and maize while cash crops are not limited to oil palm, coconut, raffia, rubber and palm kernel. There is abundant forest reserve for timber and wild life while commercial fishing thrives in the area.

Fishing, trading, subsistence farming.

The people are made up of the Ibibio ethnic group with diverse cultural heritage and tradition. They speak Ibibio language.


Males Females TOTAL:
70,192 61,831 132,023
* Source: 2006 National Census