Ibesikpo Asutan LGA


It occupies the western axis of Akwa Ibom State and lying between latitudes 40° 32` – 50° 33` East and longitudes 70° 25` – 80° 25” North. It is bounded in the North by Uruan Local Government Area, in the South by Etinan, South East by Nsit Ibom, in the North East by Nsit Atai and in the West by Uyo Local Government Area.

Natural Resources
Mineral deposits include crude oil, clay, limestone among others. Abundant forest and agricultural produce such as wood, palm trees and oil, raffia palm trees, etc

Predominantly farmers and traders.

The people are generally homogenous and speak Ibibio language. Its cultural heritage is manifested through Ekpo masquerades, Ekong, Ekpe and cultural dances.


Males Females TOTAL:
72,795 64,306 137,101
* Source: 2006 National Census