Eastern Obolo LGA


It is located in the Niger Delta fringe between Imo and Qua Iboe Rivers estuaries and lies between latitudes 4° 28` and 4° 53` and longitudes 7° 50` and 7° 55` East. It is bounded in the North by Mkpat Enin Local Government Area, North East by Onna, West by Ikot Abasi, South East by Ibeno Local Government Areas and in the South by the Atlantic Ocean.

The cultural heritage is not restricted to the people. Rather the entire Niger Delta with unique traditional dressing synonymous with “Etibo” and “Wurkor

Natural Resources
Abundant mineral deposits with onshore and offshore oil wells at Elekpen, Iko Town, Otunene and Iko-Nta/Obianga. Fishing depot at Educwink, Elekpon, Agan-asa. Forest reserves include mangrove, iroko, raffia, rubber, kolanurt, coconut, peas, mango etc.

Predominantly fishermen with over 85 per cent involved in active fishing.

The people are a mixture Andoni and Iko extractions; strong cultural affinity exists among the people.lt has a total landmass of 117,008 square kilometers with an estimated shoreline of about 184 km long.


Males Females TOTAL:
30,003 30,540 60,543
* Source: 2006 National Census