Escaping the Bureaucratic Trap and Delivering Results in Organisations
Posted 11:41  14/09/2014

Event Description

One of the major desire and requirement for result-oriented organizations, public or private, who are exploring new and innovative ways of delivering quality services consistently, is the dream of escaping the (often) overbearing bureau-cratic processes of the organizational structures created in the first instance to promote efficiency. The “iron cage” of bureaucracy had created a dilemma for organisations over the years in aligning their internal operations to achieve process efficiency and stake-holders’ expectation. Organisations public or private, that will thrive and excel in the 21st century busi-ness landscape will have to break free from the trap of organisational bureaucracy of hierarchy, organisational struc-ture, policy and procedures among other, in order to focus on delivering expected business result. This course is designed to equip participants with skills to analyse their organization’s position, identify crippling bureaucratic traps and help their organisations make necessary shift out of its bureaucratic traps and inertia and achieving undisputable results

Contact person Name: Akpan Imo
LGA: Uyo
State: Akwa Ibom
Category: Seminar